Tips that might save your time while travelling In India

Tips that might save your time while travelling In India
India Travelling tips

If you are travelling in India then you must take care of the tips that make your travelling experience easier and safe.

Take it slow and steady

India has the several places to visit from Himalayas from the north to backwater in the south. Don’t rush anything just go step by step. You can start with the Golden triangle which consist the Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.  If you want spiritual experience then you can go for Varanasi and Rishikesh. Rajasthan and the Goa is also good place to visit!

Plan according to the weather!

India has the four seasons: Summer, monsoon, winter and post monsoon. There is always a place worth visiting according to the weather. Himalayas and hill stations can be visited in the summer.  Other popular destination such as Delhi, Mumbai, Agra can be visited during the winter.

Know the transportation

There is several kind of transportation which can take you at your dream place. It consist auto rickshaw, flight, buses, cars and so on. India has one of the largest networks of train routes. AC buses are also great way to transform from one city to another. In the city, you can use cab or auto rickshaws.  Keep in mind that traffic can always be an issue so always leaves your hotel earlier.

Go for food

India is well known for its variety of foods. In each place you will get the different kind of testy foods that will not leave you India soon. However, the street food of Delhi and Mumbai is world famous that make your experience sky high! Even the cuisine of heritage hotels and mouthwatering dishes take your eating experience at the another level!

Don’t miss an amazing adventure of travelling in India.