Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek
Kheerganga is the beautiful trekking destination in the Parvati valley located in Himachal Pradesh in the Kullu region.

kheerganga is located at an altitude of 2960m from the sea level. It is the most beautiful picturesque landscape with greenery all around perfect for the people who want to spend some time in the lap of let’s know this place a little more the name kheerganga is kept behind the name kheer, it is believed that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati at the time of satyug grace kheer appeared out of the ground and flowed into the valley. But the help of Parashurama turned kheer into water because they knew that people of kalyug might fight for this. Kheerganga trek has an altitude of 2950m. This trek to kheerganga from barshaini is 12km.

To reach kheergaanga you can take bus from Delhi to bhuntar, after reaching bhuntar you can take a bus to kasol or simply rent scooty or bike and explore the nearby place such as manikaran and have a hot water bath there and then get back to kasol and enjoy the nightlife of kasol with lively local cafes. And move to tosh for kheerganga trek the next day.

There are two routes to reach kheerganga one is from the barshaini bridge there are two sides left and right, from where you need to take left and  hike up towards the kalga village this route is slightly longer but it is suitable for the first time trekkers you will be passing from the dense forest and going to experience so much of flora around and the 
second route is from nakhthan village left from the bridge of barshiani it is comparatively the short route but steep at some places so it might be difficult for beginners. Nakthan village is the traditional village of Himachal with few cafes and stone houses, entering in the tosh village you will be experiencing alluring beauty and nature’s magic. You can do camping in kheerganga as well but there is a shortage of electricity and transportation so make sure to book your package from the best tour operators in order to have memorable experiences. Also, it will be a lot of fun camping and interacting with some localities. 

Kheerganga is famous for its hot water bath which is also known as Parvati kund which is a full savor in winters. this type of combination is rear to find. kheerganga trek is accessible year-round but the best time to visit kheerganga for the trek is April to November and the perfect time is April/May and September/October.

Before reaching kheerganga there will be a delightful view of the waterfall and amazing cafes for refreshments. When you will walk ahead you will find yellow and blue tarupin covered hurts. This is the start of kheerganga there are a bunch of huts and cafeterias near the temple and natural hot water spring on 10 min. One can have a really good time there. Kheergang trek is full of beautiful and fascinating views you will definitely be mesmerized by the view. You can find accommodations for staying depends on the season there are options for private huts and also common sleeping space is available by paying 100-200 per person which is quite cheap. the hotels are not available at kheerganga just the simple places. You can do camping at kheerganga which is organized by your tour operators and fun, bonfire at night. There are lot of options available in regards to staying in the ashram is also a great option to socialize with people.

there are nearby places which are also worth exploring tosh valley with giant pine trees and green meadow and surrounded by mountains will win your heart. You will feel a sense of peace at that place. Kutla village is unexplored and less-visited village but this village is surrounded by the mountains covered with snow gazing at you and giving you goosebumps at its unexplored beauty, the next comes the road less take the buni buni pass its a few hour trek from kheerganga there is very less chance of finding other trekkers this is tranquil, silence, and stillness in the place in the lap of Himalayas. from there you can have a great view of Parvati valley .