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Term of services

Terms governs the use of the services created by the Weblogger.in . It represents the agreement between Weblogger.in and the individual who visit the website. We appreciate it if you read the contract carefully. The terms and condition and all the other laws are applicable. The breach of the agreement is harmful to our website, or if you use the information for another party, then it’s dangerous for them too. We can change agreement anytime, without even your notice. All the changes are useful for the website, and you are accountable to read this time to time.
Use license 

Have only permission to download the one copy of the material. Our website is only for non-commercial and personal viewing. You have to read this agreement carefully, and if you accept all the deals, then you have the authority of a licence, and under the consent, you may not do the following thing.
You don’t have the right to copy the material.
You can’t use the material for any other commercial purpose or to show on any others display.
If you are attempting to revise any content or reverse engineer any software contained on the Weblogger website, then you are breaching the contract.
You don’t have the right to remove any the copyright and other vital notations from the materials.
You can’t send this material to any other party and even can’t put this material in the different server. If you do that, then there is a breach of the license.
If you don’t follow any of the guidelines, then your license will automatically be terminated.
Without any notice, we can make changes in the terms according to the need of the website and commuting through our services. The revised version of the conditions will be applied after it’s posted. You need to agree with all the agreement and keep in mind all the points regarding to agreement. The electronic disclosure has the same meaning and application that if we provided with the proper copies. You need to take into all the consideration in mind.
Can’t copy and send to the third party, directly or indirectly.
In any cases of the damage, Weblogger are not responsible for the product or the act of the company.
If you are connected to any activity that broke the agreement which is set by the government or us. You will be restricted for the website, and your account could be terminated.
We blogger authorized representative has been notified orally or written in some cases.
Your content
You are only bound to comment on the articles, giving feedbacks and other material as well as information. You are not liable to write any false, misleading, harassing, unauthorized and any harmful content. We don’t have any obligation to monitor your content. Also, we are not taking any responsibility for your content. We are also not liable for any the content of the linked site. Use of any link is your own risk.
If there is any claim regarding the Weblogger websites ruled by the laws of the state of the Weblogger.
The general terms and conditions are applicable.